The leaps of logic required to speak this statement with even an ounce of seriousness is actually kind of impressive.

“I couldn’t help but think of Galileo,” he said, producing some halting chuckles. Galileo was a Catholic, Taylor explained, and he “wasn’t defiant to the Church.” Galileo merely understood that it would be better for the Catholic Church to be right about the scientific question of the nature of the Solar System. “Thank goodness for Albert Einstein. Thank goodness he was a denier,” Taylor said. “Thank goodness Sir Isaac Newton was a denier. Thank goodness that Galileo was a denier.”

As a sociologist who has read critical race theory and learned from critical race theorists, Robinson’s tweets, for me, were impassioned statements of well-established and well-founded lines of thought. For the uninitiated, however, they were jarring. The average nice white ladies of the world don’t understand that “whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror” refers to a history of white-on-black interpersonal and institutional violence, degrading media portrayals, over-policing and under-protection of black communities, hypersexualization of black women, and fear mongering aimed at black men. And of course they don’t, that’s one of the key points of critical race theory: cultural logics render power-hierarchies invisible while perpetuating race-based opportunity structures that privilege whites.

Handy chart to check if you should work for free. tl;dr: Mostly no, unless it’s your mom.

lol @ Oracle claiming copyrighting APIs is good for innovation. This can only end poorly.

Oh thank god: Looks like io.js and Node are going to merge soon. It’ll take a while, but it’s on its way!

To ignore these ways the site is structured and to instead be seen as a neutral platform means to not have responsibility, to offload the blame for what users see or don’t see onto on the users. The politics and motives that go into structuring the site and therefore its users don’t have to be questioned if they are not acknowledged. This ideological push by Facebook to downplay their own role in shaping their own site was also on display last month at the International Journalism Festival in Italy, featuring Facebook’s head of news.

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When is emoji not really emoji? When it’s a trojan horse to fix a 14 year old bug.

Meanwhile, I want to observe how very strange it is to see a magazine that takes a pride in pissing people off, that is meant to be blasphemous and offensive and provocative and unsettling—a magazine whose entire reason for existing is supposed to be that it is irreverently outside the mainstream—be transformed into something which one feels compelled to regard with reverence, a thing in whose name assembled heads of state will pretend to march. This is something to which PEN America has contributed, by giving them an award for courage. They have made it even harder to not praise Charlie Hebdo.

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Even if we lived in a post-racial society (lol), we still have to grapple with and undo centuries of discriminatory and oppressive practices. This is what racism looks like. It’s not angry white men screaming the n-word; it’s historical redlining turning into modern-day predatory lending, all of which results in a large number of minority Americans concentrated in poverty-stricken areas. Areas which are more heavily monitored by police who view everyone with suspicion.

You don’t even necessarily need police officers to hate them; they just need to dehumanize them enough so they don’t care about their victims pain when their spine snaps.

This is how White Supremacy perpetuates itself. It’s just as much in things you see as in things you don’t.

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