There’s a pretty direct line to trace between Backbone’s inheritance model and the inclusion of class in ES6. This is a path we’re going to regret.

Three years later, Backbone exploded and had an .extend() method that mimicked class inheritance, including all its nastiest features such as brittle object hierarchies. That’s when all hell broke loose.

Question about WP-API best practices: Two plugins built by the same developer; should they use a shared vendor prefix? How would this impact index discoverability?

Ad-blocking as protest.

If you’re a GitHub user and care at all about security, you should probably pick up two of these Yubikeys. $5/each. No brainer.

Trigger warnings often spur disagreement that descends into a discussion of the warning itself, rather than the content. But what causes this divisiveness in the first place? I believe that trigger warnings are divisive because they suggest that we are responsible to each other to foster an environment of mutual respect, because they demand that we empathize with individuals in ways that, as Davis points out, we cannot predict or imagine. This responsibility and act of empathy is absolutely counter to the dominant neoliberal paradigm of individual responsibility and unmitigated competition that informs so much of our social imaginary. The idea that your pain might be, at least in part, my fault because I failed to do something as basic as type a few extra words in a syllabus is anathema to a culture that expects us all to train ourselves to be savvy consumers with bootstraps made for pulling.

1) Fuck this guy.
2) Who says internet shaming is all bad?

Regardless of how you feel about trigger warnings, you have to appreciate that someone has taken the time to investigate their origins on their own terms, rather than simply tut-tutting them.

Want to get bent about “PC culture run amok”? How about, don’t?

It’s about how one professor coming under Title IX investigation for an article containing a veiled attack on a student is part of the “political correctness gone mad” narrative but another professor straight-up losing his job for negative tweets about Israel is not. It’s about how conservatives get to revise the AP U.S. history exam and kill a Smithsonian exhibit about the Hiroshima bombing because they both contain facts that make them uncomfortable, but this isn’t labeled as “political correctness.” It’s about how Mel Gibson kills his Hollywood career with a rambling anti-Semitic rant and Rose McGowan gets blacklisted for a single snarky tweet about sexist casting notices–but only the former is “censorious p.c. culture,” the latter is just Hollywood businessmen protecting the feelings of the people who sign their checks.