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[RFC]: JSX-based approach for brookjs components

Status: Withdrawn We’re attempting to implement an API like this on top of React, instead of in a separate library. brookjs was originally designed to be backed with a Handlebars-based templating engine, providing a clean separation between what constitutes structure (HTML in the Handlebars template), interaction (JavaScript component declaration), & style (CSS files). Using Handlebars […]Read more

WP-Gistpen (finally!) enters beta

It’s been more than 2 years in the making, but I’ve finally got WP-Gistpen, my code snippet WordPress plugin, into a state where I feel comfortable putting it out into the world, and I’m looking for beta testers. If you’re interested and have a WordPress site you can use it on, check out and comment […]Read more

Let’s build a for brookjs!

I’ve been working on brookjs for the better part of a year, and it’s maturing into a solid framework. In order to help make brookjs real for people, I started building a app with it. The intention is to make this a testbed for brookjs, hammering on all the features and hitting as many […]Read more

Quick Vue tip: lifecycle methods update & beforeUpdate will not be called if the props that changed for a component aren’t being used to render. In my case, I was using a prop not used by the render method to trigger some side effect, and couldn’t get the callback to trigger the side effect. Use this.$watch to watch prop changes unrelated to a Vue component’s rendering.

Don’t let JS turmoil stop you from learning

Alex Standiford: I have been reluctant to learn a modern JS framework because the network has felt too volatile for me to make a jump, and I really don’t see a point in learning something until I decide to use it in my daily workflow. I invest my time in getting really good at the […]Read more

Using Observables to Control Render Scheduling

When I talk to other developers about Observables, it’s often hard to explain their benefits because on the surface, they just look like glorified event emitters, but it’s how they compose that make handling dependencies between async events such a breeze. While working on the code snippet editor in WP-Gistpen, I came across an example […]Read more