WP-Gistpen (finally!) enters beta

It’s been more than 2 years in the making, but I’ve finally got WP-Gistpen, my code snippet WordPress plugin, into a state where I feel comfortable putting it out into the world, and I’m looking for beta testers. If you’re interested and have a WordPress site you can use it on, check out and comment on this GitHub issue. Everything you need to get started can be found there.

If you’re not already aware, WP-Gistpen is a WordPress plugin for saving your code snippets to WordPress. It’s essentially a Gist clone for WordPress, backed by Prism and a custom Prism-based code editor. WP-Gistpen also syncs with Gist, allowing you to manage your Gist account from WordPress.

WP-Gistpen turned into an interesting exploration of a lot of different approaches, and if you’re a developer, there are several projects you can get involved with. On the back-end, the plugin uses a small framework I built called jaxion, which provides a structured object-oriented approach to building WordPress plugins. It provides a basic App Container and a Loader for binding classes to WordPress hooks. I also built heavily on the WP-API, and all the plugin’s pages are API-driven apps. On the front-end, I’m using the Handlebars templating language along with brookjs, a React-inspired front-end framework I’ve been working on. WP-Gistpen takes advantage of the work on both of those projects, so you can work on either framework or an application that uses both.

There are certainly … bugs … but the data the on the back-end should be solid. As the plugin is still in beta, please back up your database. I have the plugin running on my live site, but there’s always a chance something could go wrong, especially if you’re upgrading from the .org version.

If you’re interested in putting this plugin through its paces, comment on GitHub.

Thanks for checking it out.

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