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Weekly Links – Nov. 25th, 2018

Transducers in JavaScript

Array#reduce is one of those things that can be difficult to develop an intuition for, but if you can, what makes it powerful is how reducers (the function you pass to it) can be composed together. It’s an idea that I keep reading about in an attempt to get my head around it, but I only really see glimpses of what makes them great. Eric Elliott gives me another glimpse of them.

TypeScript: Was it worth it?

Probably one of the first articles that doesn’t conform to Betterridge’s Law, this look at TypeScript actually finds the past few years with it have been great. I’m increasingly coming around to seeing it as useful in my current project; the only issues to overcome will be configuring it to work with our libraries and learning it. Both of those are hurdles that are worth going through to get TypeScript working.

Company Culture

As I’m looking at hiring my first front-end developer, I’m also thinking critically about what our culture is. The kind of culture that makes Asana one of the best places to work is something I’d like to draw from. A big part of making that work is getting consistent feedback and adjusting to it. Dennis Plucinik, who I had the pleasure of discussing this with on Friday, also wrote about building a team, which centers around respect: respecting their time, autonomy, and goals. Both have given me something to think about as we wrap the initial build & move into maintenance.