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James DiGioia

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James DiGioia

New York, NY

I am a Senior Front-End Engineer with experience in modern web frameworks & team leadership.

Experience - Recruiting & compensation platform

Engineering Lead
April 2019 to Present
  • Lead NYC team in coordination with Sydney, Australia team
  • Implement complex search & filter page with React Hooks
  • Improve search API with Flask, SQLAlchemy, & Marshmallow
  • Rebuild enterprise-facing dashboard for UX & stability
Senior Front-End Engineer
September 2018 to April 2019
  • Architected & led the front-end development of B2B platform for firms to comply with pay equity laws
  • Refactored buggy multi-step onboarding flow, improving app stability and performance
  • Enforced React/Redux & TypeScript best practices through regular peer code review
  • Implemented charting and graphing with Victory library

Stellar - Community for terminal patients

Engineer (Contract)
August 2018 to November 2018
  • Developed MVP patient care app with Node.js, Express, Passport, and Objection.js
  • Managed product lifecycle, feature triage, & AWS deployments
  • Integrated API tests with supertest & Jest, enabling rapid iteration
  • Implemented live chat feature with Redis and websockets

Valtech - Digital agency

Senior Front-End Engineer
March 2015 to September 2018
  • Junior- to mid-level in <9 months; project lead in ~2.5 years; account lead in 3 years
  • Managed team of developers across multiple projects and brands for L’Oréal account
  • Led development team on agile ecommerce project built with Vue.js and Sitecore
  • Architected Hybris checkout for stability and performance with Redux, Handlebars, and Kefir
  • Redesigned product page using vanilla JavaScript and component-based architecture


  • Pipeline Operator, Community Advocate

    • Advocate for new syntax into ECMAScript specification with TC39
    • Developing babel plugins for competing proposals to gather user feedback
  • brookjs, Lead Maintainer

    • React/Redux framework for building streaming web applications
    • Integrates functional reactive programming principles with Kefir
  • Kefir & Prism.js, Maintainer

    • Joined teams after repeated quality contributions & engagement
    • Extracted and released chai-kefir to enable unit testing Kefir streams
    • Implemented copy-to-clipboard plugin to copy PrismJS code snippets
  • WP-Gistpen, Lead Maintainer

    • WordPress plugin to save user's code snippets to their personal site
    • Implemented syntax-highlighted editor with brookjs, React, Kefir, and PrismJS


  • Code Nation

    • Taught web development to students at under-resourced high schools
    • Mentored student hackathon team
    • Mentored interns on internal projects at Valtech Summer of 2017 & 2018


  • JavaScript

    TypeScript, ES6
  • Modern Frameworks

    React.js, Redux, Vue
  • Functional, Reactive

    RxJS, Kefir, Ramda
  • Build Tools

    Webpack, babel, Grunt, Gulp, Rollup, Browserify
  • CSS

    SASS, LESS, PostCSS, CSS Modules, TailwindCSS, styled-components, Bootstrap
  • Testing

    Jest, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Storybook, Cypress
  • PHP

    WordPress, Laravel
  • Python

    Flask, SQLAlchemy, Marshmallow
  • DevOps

    Ansible, Vagrant, Docker, PostgreSQL