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Day of Nov 29th, 2020

    Day of Nov 28th, 2020

    • Daniel Millington

      Hello! What's your background and what do you do? I'm currently an Engineering Manager on the Infrastructure team at Samsara, an Industrial IoT platform. Before this, I managed an SRE team at Cisco Meraki.

      Read at 12:03 pm, Nov 28th

    Day of Nov 27th, 2020

    Day of Nov 26th, 2020

    • Your hiring funnel.

      Most companies believe they are constrained by funding, product market fit or hiring. Books have been written about each of those, and this will be a foray into hiring. In particular, it'll be a look at how to use the fundamental hiring diagnostic tool: the hiring funnel.

      Read at 07:12 pm, Nov 26th

    Day of Nov 25th, 2020

    • by Ben Saxton

      Over the last decade or so, Andrew Brokos has become well-known for his valuable poker content. He makes training videos, writes articles (many of which have appeared in this magazine), coaches, blogs, and, with Nate Meyvis, co-hosts the Thinking Poker Podcast.

      Read at 11:40 pm, Nov 25th

    • My Experience in a Democratic-Centralist Organization

      In the wake of the dissolution of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), many socialists in the United States are asking themselves if democratic centralism inevitably leads to the bureaucratization of leadership, raising further questions about whether organizations and parties that consid

      Read at 11:18 pm, Nov 25th

    • Test grepping in Cypress using Module API

      If you are running hunderds of tests in Cypress, chances are you may want to run just a subset of them. There are several ways you can do this, and in this blog, I’d like to show you mine.

      Read at 04:58 pm, Nov 25th

    • Introducing cy.intercept - Next Generation Network Stubbing in Cypress 6.0

      Today, we're elevating the power and scope of Cypress' network handling capabilities with the introduction of the cy.intercept command in Cypress 6.0. One of the most powerful and beloved features of Cypress are easy network stubbing and spying APIs via cy.route and cy.server commands.

      Read at 04:57 pm, Nov 25th

    • How to Value Hands

      You’re holding JT on a J593 board. How strong would you say your hand is? Is it a monster with which you’re looking to play a large pot or a marginal hand you’d like to get to showdown cheaply? If someone bets, will you call, raise, or fold?

      Read at 03:26 pm, Nov 25th

    • With Big Budget Hole, Will New York Raise Taxes on Rich?

      Top Democrats in the state Legislature on Wednesday united behind calls for increasing taxes on the rich as direct aid from the federal government continues to stall.

      Read at 03:20 pm, Nov 25th

    • New York’s Emergency Rent Relief Program Is a Mess

      Technology and linguistic barriers are emerging that may make the rental aid inaccessible to those who need it most.

      Read at 03:16 am, Nov 25th

    • Don’t Play GTO Preflop in Small Stakes Tournaments

      Most of us have learned not to play GTO in small stakes tournaments. We’ve heard time and time again that the purpose of studying GTO is to learn how to best deviate from it to maximally exploit our opponents’ mistakes. However, the emphasis on this tends to center around post flop play.

      Read at 03:07 am, Nov 25th

    • New York’s true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy

      NEW YORK (AP) — Riverdale Nursing Home in the Bronx appears, on paper, to have escaped the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, with an official state count of just four deaths in its 146-bed facility.

      Read at 03:03 am, Nov 25th

    • Infinite Scroll without Layout Shifts

      Today, we'll look at how patterns for loading long lists can impact the Core Web Vitals with some recommended fixes. Infinite scrolling is a loading strategy where new content is fetched and rendered while the user scrolls down a page.

      Read at 02:57 am, Nov 25th

    • TypeScript — Data Immutability

      JavaScript is not so strong when it comes to data immutability. Internally, all primitive data types like string, number, boolean etc. are immutable which means you can’t mutate the value once it is set to a variable.

      Read at 02:49 am, Nov 25th

    • TypeScript + React: Component patterns

      This list is a collection of component patterns for React when working with TypeScript. See them as an extension to the TypeScript + React Guide that deals with overall concepts and types. This list has been heavily inspired by chantastic’s original React patterns list.

      Read at 02:36 am, Nov 25th

    • Pigeon Pedagogy

      These were my remarks today during my "flipped" keynote at DigPed. You can read the transcript of my keynote here. We haven't had a dog in well over a decade. Kin and I travel so much that it just seemed cruel.

      Read at 02:34 am, Nov 25th

    • 'Luddite Sensibilities' and the Future of Education

      This is the transcript of my keynote at the Digital Pedagogy Lab this morning. Except not really. It was a "flipped" keynote, so this is more like the pre-reading for what I actually talked about. Sort of. I have really struggled to prepare a keynote for you all.

      Read at 02:29 am, Nov 25th

    • In reversal, GOP officials in key Michigan county certify ballot count after striking a compromise with Democrats

      Please note: The Washington Post is providing this important election information free to all readers. Get election results and other major news delivered to your inbox by signing up for breaking news email alerts.

      Read at 02:12 am, Nov 25th

    Day of Nov 24th, 2020

    • Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama file to hold unionization vote

      SEATTLE — Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama have filed a notice to hold a unionization vote, in what could be a major labor battle against a company that has long opposed the unionization of its workforce. Employees at a newly opened Amazon facility in Bessemer, Ala.

      Read at 04:24 pm, Nov 24th

    • The Life and Times of Cerebus Hobbes Welch

      Cerebus is named Hobbes for a week, because everybody who read the newspaper in the 90s has an instinctive urge to name cats Hobbes. At the end of that week, I remember I’d always meant to name my next pet Cerebus, so Hobbes is shunted to middle name status.

      Read at 02:09 pm, Nov 24th

    • After Quitting Deadspin in Protest, They’re Starting a New Site

      The journalists who took part in a staff rebellion last year are starting Defector Media, a company with a podcast and a website dedicated to sports and culture.

      Read at 01:51 pm, Nov 24th

    • Masks May Reduce Viral Dose, Some Experts Say

      People wearing face coverings will take in fewer coronavirus particles, evidence suggests, making disease less severe.

      Read at 01:48 pm, Nov 24th

    • 404

      Let's talk about the elephant in the room... You have been expecting a site, but ended up here? I'm very sorry! I hope Fante (the elephant) can brighten your day. If not, please let me know if you think this is a problem that needs fixing.

      Read at 04:01 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: Variadic Tuple Types Preview

      TypeScript 4.0 is supposed to be released in August 2020, and one of the biggest changes in this release will be variadic tuple types. And even though his feature is hot of the press at the time of this writing, it’s worth checking out and see what we can do with it.

      Read at 03:59 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: Match the exact object shape

      TypeScript is a structural type system. This means as long as your data structure satisfies a contract, TypeScript will allow it. Even if you have too many keys declared. This complements the way JavaScript works really well and gives you both flexibility and type safety.

      Read at 03:54 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: Mapped types for type maps

      Factory functions are a popular tool in JavaScript to create a diversity of objects with a single call. There’s a particular factory function that you might have used at some point: document.createElement takes any string and creates HTMLElement instances.

      Read at 03:52 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: Augmenting global and lib.dom.d.ts

      Recently I wanted to use a ResizeObserver in my application. ResizeObserver recently landed in all major browsers, but when you use it in TypeScript — at the time of this writing — ResizeObserver won’t be recognized as a valid object (or constructor). So why is that?

      Read at 03:50 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript + React: Extending JSX Elements

      React typings for TypeScript come with lots of interfaces for all possible HTML elements out there. But sometimes, your browsers, your frameworks or your code are a little bit ahead of what’s possible. Let’s say you want to use the latest image features in Chrome, and load your images lazily.

      Read at 03:05 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: Ambient modules for Webpack loaders

      When you work on modern JS apps you most likely use Webpack. Webpack always looked like a very complicated build tool to me, until I realised that it’s nothing but a JavaScript bundler. A JavaScript bundler that allows you to bundle everything! CSS, Markdown, SVGs, JPEGs, you name.

      Read at 03:04 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: Improving Object.keys

      TypeScript’s predefined types in lib.d.ts are usually very well-typed and give tons of information on how to use built-in functionality as well as providing you with extra-type safety. Until they don’t. Consider the following example with an object type Person:

      Read at 03:02 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: Assertion signatures and Object.defineProperty

      In JavaScript, you can define object properties on the fly with Object.defineProperty. This is useful if you want your properties to be read-only or similar. Think of a storage object that has a maximum value that shouldn’t be overwritten: defineProperty and property descriptors are very complex.

      Read at 03:01 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: Check for object properties and narrow down type

      This is a type-safety check in JavaScript, and TypeScript benefits from that. However, there are some cases where TypeScript at the time of this writing needs a little bit more assistance from us. Let’s assume you have a JavaScript object where you don’t know if a certain property exists.

      Read at 02:27 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: Type predicates

      Type predicates in TypeScript help you narrowing down your types based on conditionals. They’re similar to type guards, but work on functions. They way the work is, if a function returns true, change the type of the paramter to something more useful. Let’s start with a basic example.

      Read at 02:23 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript: The constructor interface pattern

      If you are doing traditional OOP with TypeScript, the structural features of TypeScript might sometimes get in your way. Look at the following class hierachy for instance: The FilterItem abstract class needs to be implemented by other classes. In this example by AFilter and BFilter.

      Read at 01:30 am, Nov 24th

    • TypeScript and Substitutability

      When starting with TypeScript it took not much time to stumble upon some of the type system’s odds. Odds that make a lot of sense if you take a closer look. In this article I want to show you why and how in some cases, TypeScript allows non-matching method signatures.

      Read at 01:26 am, Nov 24th

    • this in JavaScript and TypeScript

      Sometimes when writing JavaScript, I want to shout “This is ridiculous!”. But then I never know what this refers to. If there is one concept in JavaScript that confuses people, it has to be this.

      Read at 01:05 am, Nov 24th

    • void in JavaScript and TypeScript

      If you come from traditional, strongly typed languages you might be familiar with the concept of void: A type telling you that functions and methods return nothing when called. void exists in both JavaScript as an operator and in TypeScript as a primitive type.

      Read at 12:58 am, Nov 24th

    • Symbols in JavaScript and TypeScript

      symbol is a primitive data type in JavaScript and TypeScript, which, amongst other things, can be used for object properties. Compared to number and string, symbols have some unique features that make them stand out. Symbol has no constructor function. The parameter is an optional description.

      Read at 12:51 am, Nov 24th

    • Boolean in JavaScript and TypeScript

      boolean is a fun primitive data type in JavaScript. In TypeScript, it allows for a total of four values Wait, four? boolean can take the values of true and false. Values from other types can be truthy or falsy, like undefined or null.

      Read at 12:32 am, Nov 24th

    • Advanced TypeScript

      You rarely learn Advanced TypeScript features just by themselves. Only when combined with other parts of the language and put in context they reveal their true power. And this is the focus of this guide. This is a constantly updated collection of articles you can find on this site.

      Read at 12:27 am, Nov 24th

    Day of Nov 23rd, 2020