Thailand Journal: Days 3, 4, & 5

tl;dr version: We went to Koh Samed and spent 3 days (one of them Christmas) drinking Mai Tais on the beach.

Fortunately for us, the bus station to Koh Samed was located near the Skytrain, right off the Ekkamai stop. You can see the bus station from the train. As we approached the station, we were greeted by several drivers, the last of which was a taxi driver who, after being told we were taking the bus, showed us to the correct window. The Thais are consistently the friendliest and most helpful people I’ve ever met.

We took the bus to Ban Phe, which has a ferry to Koh Samed, and we purchased both at the same time. If you’re going to Koh Samed, look at what beach you’re staying on; some beaches have direct ferries from the pier, rather than taking the long route we did. It may even be cheaper. The bus provided water and snacks for the ride, which was pretty awesome. You don’t find service like that in the US :). (more…)

Thailand Journal: Days 1 & 2

tl;dr version: We spent our first 2 days in Bangkok, eating food and visiting the Jim Thompson House.

Day 1

Despite having vowed not to sleep past noon, we awoke the next day around 1:30 or so. Right as we climbed out of bed, we heard someone trying to enter the apartment with keys. Assuming it was the maid, I cracked the door a bit, and I was greeted by an affable British fellow. Steven, one of Robert’s fiends, was stopping by to drop off milk and fruit for us. I put some clothes on, introduced myself, and thanked him for the food. Black coffee suits no one. (more…)

Thailand Journal: Arrival

tl;dr version: We arrived in Thailand without any problems.

We did a good job packing the night before, ¬†which is surprising for anyone who knows me, so the morning of the flight we just had to tie up a few loose ends before we departed. We had plenty of time to make it to the airport, and we managed to arrive, check in, and pass through security with a full hour and a half to kill before the flight departed. We waited patiently, listening to the alternating Chinese and English announcements of the preceding flights as we sipped our coffees and read. (more…)